White, the representative of purity, cleanliness and innocence. Turquoise, the unique blue that we all love amongst the various shades of blue. A harmonious blend of two colors that define an outstanding outfit look.

The white blazer is a wardrobe must have, as it goes well with lots of outfits. It brings out a lot of confidence in oneself. The plain white top inside works flawlessly without being too much of white. The chino pants have unique length and are not the normal full fitting trousers. This attracts some attention, while the blue remains calmly irresistible. The green scarf amplifies pizzazz and warms up to the rest of the outfit. The blue shoe does not take away any attention from the outfit. The blue studs and black watch may go unnoticed but look classy.

While not recommended for formal meetings, this outfit qualifies as official wear and can also pass for casual. Remember, keep it simple and classy. Always.


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