It’s valentines…again…yea yea yea. I guess only a single person would care less about it. This is the day where the single people ‘tunainama’ (we bend), allow the day to pass quietly with minimum interference then ‘tunainuka’ (rise), find Monday and life moves on.
One of the Valentines that still tickles my funny bone is on this 5star hotel dinner on a date night and Wahu the songstress was performing. She is one of my favorite female artists but that night, she did not make me proud. How do you perform the song ‘HE IS A LIAR’ on a Valentines date night. Then when I thought fyuks, on to the love ballads, she comes back on stage with the remix of the song, ‘HE IS STILL A LIAR’. Like really, Wahu really?
Luckily, Shell gas station has remembered ‘us’ and is offering heavily discounted fuel prices; I definitely will go get a full fuel tank on 14th and a rose flower from the gas station, how thoughtful of Polycarp.
However, I do have a dress for the day, of course a red tiny one which I won’t wear. Gone are the days when I could pull a micro number randomly, but I still don’t want to let go so it’s been hanging in my closet for ages. I’m sure we all have such. How about we re-invent them and make them ‘wearable’.
Pull a skirt over a short dress and let the dress serve as a top, magic! Ok, maybe not, but it works well. The dress is one sleeved with such a sweet floral frill on the shoulder and a well fitting skirt which suits many casual occasions. A strappy/mesh pair of shoe flows along well with just enough accessories not to over shadow the frill on the shoulder.
Dig up the dresses that you rarely wear and do combos that give you a new outfit! Free of charge.

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Happy valentines!









Photography by Willy Muturi photography