‘Your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady.’ Marilyn Monroe

Having quoted that, i love dresses that fit well on the body of a woman and this orange dress does just that! It is neither tight nor loose, neither short nor long, just the tailor made kind of fitting. I bought the dress just before my second pregnancy and after having worn it like twice i had to shelve it. More than a year down the line and it still couldn’t fit me but disposing it wasn’t an option ; instead, i fitted every single month until finally it slipped on. The joy…

It has a falling neckline, has short puffy sleeves, is body hugging and with a tail like fall at the bottom. Such a magnificent flow! I used a slim orange belt on the dress and wore nude high heels. Good thing with a nude color is that it easily picks and blends in with many other colors. For accessories i used pearl drop earrings and necklace. Quite delicate and suitable for the classy dress, together with a black leather watch and bracelet. Avoid over accessorizing.

The dress is suitable for official/ casual occasions. It’s quite versatile. Just remember to have heels on.