“Why do you work out?

 You are not fat. You look fit!

Your body looks ok.

Why do you need Zumba? I am the one who should be working out……..”

I have been getting a lot of this from my friends when I mention that I do work out.

You see, I don’t go for Zumba to keep fit, to stay healthy or to lose weight; in fact, I have to feed really well to maintain my weight, otherwise it drops drastically after a few classes. I do Zumba solely to refresh/ reset my mind. The other benefits are an added advantage like keeping fit, healthy living, toning especially the bum (the twerking we do could give Rihanna a run for her money) and so on.

Zumba is a musical work out, with lots of dancing and with my love for dancing, it’s just what the doctor would recommend to rejuvenate my mind……well, until I get an opportunity to explore my other interest in pole dancing, which intrigues my mind and is in my bucket list (don’t give me that judgmental look, judgement is for judgement day).

The activities in our daily lives can be overwhelming and you can easily get bogged down. From careers, to families, to businesses, politics and so on. There’s just a lot that requires your attention and many times you feel like you need 5 of you to execute everything accordingly. You hear of people who succumb to depression, which you thought is a white man’s disease.

Some people die while they are still alive, and they live a cycle or robotic kind of life, following a schedule. A month passes and once in a while they come alive and ask: ‘haiya, where did time go’, then they die again and live like that for many years. It’s very easy to live like this, and not even realize that you stopped living.

Just like the electronics in our houses need resetting, our minds need that too. We have to keep refreshing our mind, so as to operate at optimum level, given that it is our central processing unit. We don’t want it ‘overheating’. This is where an activity you love comes in; could be jogging, a walk in the park, swimming, singing, just something different and sustainable that your mind looks forward to every so often. It rejuvenates and refreshes the mind, giving it a break from the norm and that, re centers it.

Find your ‘thing’ and help your mind to reset.