I am sitting here on a Sunday night, the time is 11.16pm to be precise, (I am such a night owl) trying to come up with words for my blog though feeling so burned out. I t reminds me of what I watch in the movies where people write, then tear the papers and throw them away, write again, throw it again until they come up with something solid..

You see, I’ve been meaning to pour my heart out (why does that sound romantic..) to my readers just to say thank you for following me on my blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Writing, taking pictures and posting them on social media is one thing, but having people who actually follow and like my work, is another.

I have been meeting some of you at the shop, as you come to buy clothes and you point out that you’ve been reading my posts since I began writing, way before I even opened the shop. That, right there is the fuel that keeps me moving. Knowing that I am actually touching someone’s life, even in my own small ways; it’s astounding and I am grateful to each one of you.

My mission is to help the ordinary woman dress up in a way that boosts her confidence and makes her to go out and conquer the world! You don’t need to be rich or of a certain skin color, size or shape to look good; anyone can look glamorous.

Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and contribute in your productivity. They say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” , but then again designers and marketers around the world have created an industry betting that people do judge and purchase products based on how they look.

Let’s keep walking together and I promise to share a lot more of my style, from my closet.

The shop is located in Kilimani, – Equitorial business park- along Wood Avenue

Our contact: 0724 837 840



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Keep walking

That moment when you walk into a bookshop, ask for a diary and take your time choosing one, never mind that we are in July and the year is half gone; well, at least you get to buy it at half price. Thing is, it should have been bought way earlier on but really, it’s never too late for anything, right?

It’s never too late to start or stop, never too late to get in or leave. There’s no perfect timing for anything, any timing could be perfect. To me the important thing is to do it, to keep moving, to keep walking, to keep trying and re trying.

Just like that vendor on the street who hopes there will be a passerby interested in what he is selling and with a few loose coins to spend. Hoping that the kanjo askaris won’t come harassing him and pack him up in their trucks; but he won’t stop trying or starting all over again.

From how I see it, all you need is to wake up and start…from whatever point…
Talking of stepping, here are some of the boots collection available in our shop which comes in handy especially in this cold season.

Keep your feet warm!



Willy Muturi-97

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New Month

It’s been a minute! Whoa! Where did time just go? Feels like a decade since i last blogged. Life moves so fast when you are an adult, a busy one for that. Isn’t life such a mystery; back in the days when we were young, free, full of energy with all the time in the world with no money to spend. Now we are at the point where we can spare a few coins but you hardly have any energy or time to spend. You blink your eyes and its night already!

I love track suits wear, and no, i don’t gym much, i actually don’t gym at all. They are just comfortable to be in, with the elastic soft material soothing to the skin. It’s the kind of outfit to wear indoors or when you need to run short distance errands. I would also comfortably do a road trip or hikes in them . Sport shoes are more ideal for this kind of wear but i prefer loafers given that the outfit doesn’t serve as a gym wear for me.

I have them available in white, black, blue and grey, in our newly opened shop along wood avenue in kilimani.

For more inquiries, contact: 0724 837 840

Have a happy month ahead!

Willy Muturi-360

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Floral Skater


If you save yourself for marriage you’re a bore, if you don’t save yourself for marriage you are a whore-ribble person

If you won’t have a drink then you’re a prude, but they’ll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one

If you can’t lose the weight then you’re just fat, but if you lose too much then you’re on crack

You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t, so you might just as well do whatever you want


Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys, or kiss lots of girls if that’s something you’re into

When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight, roll up a joint……or don’t…

Just follow your arrow wherever it points…..  “

My love for country music led me to Kacey musgraves’ song: Follow your arrow, which makes so much sense; need I say more?

On the blog this week, i am having an A-Line dress, black in colour with an apricot  floral print, such simplicity! It’s a much safer bet when you don’t want to hide the unwanted curves on your body or to hide the missing curves ; it works both ways, as it just flows from the waist, down. Perfect for both curvy girls and the petite as it balances both ends. A great piece for flaunting your legs which is only illuminated by a really nice shoe.

You can have a sweater on top or a fitting blazer as I have done below. The key point is the shoe, it makes whole lot of a difference. If possible wear a high heel, which will make the dress sway as you walk, in a mannerful and sexy manner.

The dress, bag and shoes are available in various sizes on my Facebook page: Angie’s Closet.

Contact: 0724837840

Willy Muturi-378

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Never say never in fashion, because you will be wearing ‘never’ in two years time, or less. I have never been a fan of jumpsuits, despite them having been in fashion; but you know what, seasons do change, waves crash, stars fall from the sky, days grow longer as nights grow shorter. Moral of the story, nothing is constant and you need to try out stuff you thought you wouldn’t.

Fitted this jumpsuit and kinda fell in love with it and i hope that we are going to have a sustainable relationship. It has a back zip for easy access. I opted for black to start with; just to play safe. It has a simple yet magnificent print at the front formed by the folds on it, with a slim belt that accentuates the waistline. The material is silky and not clingy on the body. You see, with such an outfit the material really matters especially for those with a prominent rear view. You don’t want to go bubbling all over the place, but then again we have body shapers to keep the bubbly body firm.

It is a casual kind of outfit but you can formalize it by throwing a coat on top and a closed pair of heels. It is perfect for a sunny day in open air where you can throw in eye catching accessories, all colorful and glamorous. Play around with different accessories for different looks. The many the merrier, just don’t over do.

The jumpsuit, blazer and shoes are available on my online shop in various sizes.

Visit my Facebook page: Angie’s Closet to shop

Get me on 0724 837 840 for any enquiries.

Photos credit: Willy Muturi photography

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