All work and no play would make Angie a dull girl. I am not all about long dresses and official wear. I like hanging out with my friends for a night out to catch up on life’s happenings and dance the calories away. Dancing is my major work out plan which is so much fun so a win win for me. A girl has got to keep fit, right?

My night out dress would need to be sexy and comfortable to be in. The peplum blue dress tops my list for now. It has a strapless V- Neck bodice with a nicely elevated peplum. The length is above the knee, with a high slit on the side which is very appropriate for a night out. Such a slit is more common on long dresses. The material is thick, tight on the body but not clingy, and has a blue lace all over. It’s very comfortable.

I paired with white heels which look elegant. The neckpiece and earrings are a set of pearls which are screaming for attention. The watch is also white ceramic and to complete the look, I had a white clutch bag which is convenient and you do not have to look for hooks to hang your bag while out.

Being an evening, the makeup can be bold especially on the eyes and the lips. I used a bright MAC Violetta which makes the lips pop!

Comments are welcome on how differently you can accessorize.

Let’s share!