Weight issue is probably a girl’s biggest nightmare, besides finding something to wear. A flabby tummy being part of it that we try so hard to tuck in. I believe in loving myself in my own skin but I also believe in trimming to a size that I am comfortable in.

I wouldn’t say I have totally flat tummy but just like most women, I try to keep it as flat as possible. I am generally a poor feeder with a sweet tooth but I do try to keep the carbs at bay if need be. Whenever I feel like I have gained extra kilos, I cut or go slow on carbs.

The one time I really struggled with weight was after my second baby and I had to go on a strict low carb diet. That involved a normal heavy breakfast, avoiding processed foods and sticking to organics. My lunch was a normal portion with minimal carbs again. My dinner was strictly salad but since I am not a fan of veggies, I would do a tomatoes-cucumber-capsicums-mangoes salad interchangeably with grated carrots-desiccated coconut-raisins salad. I avoided any snacking at night and did away with sugar in my tea hence drinking chocolate became my preferred hot beverage. Stuff I did away with included pizzas, fries and sodas but the rest I could have in moderation. Within a month the weight started melting off me.

I don’t like the green smoothies people make nowadays, I can’t stomach blended raw spinach, but then again, that’s me. I don’t think gym helps in losing weight, it comes in handy in toning and firming up the body and keeping you fit. I am lazy when it comes to running so you will catch me jogging only when I want to relieve my mind and to catch some fresh air.

To me, losing weight is a matter of discipline on keeping the carbs low. As for the flabby tummy, sit ups, crunches, planks, leg ups etc help a lot. If you stick to a schedule of doing like 10 each every day, you should be able to see some change. Never mind that I also struggle with the discipline and end up with a muffin top which is so irritating when you want to wear fitting clothes.

All in all, dress up according to your body type, always.

Flaunt your good parts and try to camouflage what you are not comfortable with.

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