When the president of the world’s most powerful nation addresses women issues in our own country better than even our own women representatives, you stop, listen, take notes and heed to the call. He made me proud and I loved his speeches. He knows our country’s issues in such in-depth and in an astounding manner; calling out our heroines by names. You see, it is true that women are treated as second class citizens and in some communities they are only supposed to be seen and not to be heard; yet, they are the same people bringing so much positive input to our economy. The African culture tells a woman that her place is in the kitchen, and she ends up spending her entire life there, literally; not knowing what potential lies in her. In his words (POTUS), you educate a girl, she grows up into a learned woman and gives birth to learned children and community at large. I could go on and on about women but let me dwell on clothing them for now.

Jackets have been out fashioned by blazers but you can still rock a stylish piece. I got this piece which has a grey hood, smashing red color, sleeves which can be folded up and a floral lining. I bottomed it with purple chino pants and harmonized it with a multicolored chiffon top. The good thing with a multicolored item is that it’s easy to pick a matching item. Just pick a random color from the mix and get a piece with exact color. The human eye coordinates the two so well.

On my feet I had a red strappy pointed suede shoe with a short heel, it picks the red from the jacket.

The dress code is casual and chic, nice for a Friday dress down.


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