The month of June is when my baby girl was born. So innocently she came to this world and adapted to the human ways. She takes after my crazy character side and is full of so much energy at only 2yrs old, what more can a mother ask for. (Smile)

June is also, sadly, the month when a man became a woman, literally. No, I am not judging, but how does someone sit and decide to re- create himself. It is just like pirating an original creation or infringing on patent rights; but well, who am I to cast the first stone. All the same, I can’t wait to see the new Caitlyn Jenner on the red carpet rocking the sexy designer gowns whose names I still can’t pronounce.

On the blog this week is a puffed up sleeveless jacket. Who designs clothing for the cold season and leaves out the sleeves? Like really? Well, it actually is a fashionable piece and to keep me warm, I wore a black long sleeved sweater inside, thick black stockings and brown knee length flat boots. The outfit is very casual, perfect for this cold weather, comfortable and has this cool chic look.

I am still trying to stock up on my outfits for sale so, stay tuned and keep warm!

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