Some see it as glass half full, others see it as glass half empty; I choose to see it as a glass that can be replaced. If the glass breaks, just figure out how to replace it as opposed to squabbling over how full or empty it was or wasn’t. Life has choices and so many unexplored opportunities but we tend to cling on the familiar territories and miss out on some windows. Sometimes you just need to spread your wings and fly because that is what life is about.

My attire this week is a green polka dot midi length skirt which I set my eyes on and fell in love, bought several pieces, most of which I sold out. It is a tricky piece to wear and needs good balancing, otherwise it can add years to you and we don’t want that, do we? The top needs to be very fitting. An off shoulder navy blue top would come in handy;  but then again my green tank top and a white unbuttoned shirt with a knot just inches above the waist looked ok. This brings out playful and mature under one roof. A red strappy high heel shoe compliments the look. I would opt for a bit laid back accessories given that the green is already attracting so much attention.

I am an ardent believer of the fact that sexy doesn’t necessarily mean short and tight and with that I experiment with lots of dress codes. It’s all about how you put the pieces together. This outfit is casual.











Polka dot green skirt available in my (work-in-progress) online store in sizes 38 and 40