Feeling blue

Women have nothing to wear, at least most of the days, despite their closets being full of clothes. We just rummage through our wardrobes ,dump half of the clothes on the bed as we try to see what goes with what and after a whole hour we shall still not come up with anything and if we do, it won’t  really nail it as intended. Even my 6yr old girl complains that she has nothing to wear so clearly, this starts at an early age.

Ever thought of recycling clothes? Rather redoing the same clothes you wear in different ways? I know we are women and we hate doing the same dress over and over again but you can redo the same dress in different ways for different occasions.

Take my blue skater dress below that was a gift from my friend, it’s casual and the bold color is limiting in that it’s noticeable and you can’t wear it so frequently. However, you can re-do it by pairing with different shoes.

The first is with stockings and knee length boots, my favourite; perfect in cold weather for outdoor activities like the koroga festival, hikes, long drives  and stuff like that, given the comfort.

You can do a different shoe by pairing with a sophisticated heel to do activities with minimal movement like parties, weddings and such where elegance is key, and you will be treated like the lady you are.

I thought the blue is too bold for office until I toned it down with a floral blazer and an office black heel. With that I’m good to go for my meetings.

Just like in life, there are many possibilities and you just need to try out different things until you get what works.


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New beginnings

Just like that, the holidays are over and we are back to the grind. The highlight of my holiday was a stay at Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club  which was an out of this world holiday destination. Kenya is indeed beautiful! Everything is laid out overlooking the mountain’s astounding view.
There is a drive, before the main gate, in the wild and you get to have a glimpse of wild animals in their natural environment. The place is vast, pavements well maintained and grass lawns perfectly manicured. The play area was the first to catch my kids’ attention and they rushed to play before we even checked in. There is a well manicured maze where you literally get lost and spiral your way out. There’s horse riding which got me exhilarated. I know we have horses all over town but having a horse ride in middle of the forest and uphill facing Mt. Kenya felt like being in an Alehandro TV series cast.
The one time I did fishing was at a pool of water behind our house, very many years ago; never mind that it was actually toad poles we were fishing with cans. I got to use the real fishing rod and to fish real fish. Yeih! The grass lawns are on hills which are perfect for rolling downhill; I figured I could lose more calories doing that as opposed to jogging, right?
Let’s not even go to the food because that is where temptation lies. How do you serve ice cream, chocolate balls, cheese cake, orange cake, passion yummy yummy something and marshmallows for dessert and ask me to choose? I must admit that dessert was my main course despite me yelling orders to my kids to have proper meals before any dessert.(Does that make me a good or bad mom?)
The rooms are tastefully done with the highlight of a fireplace and with windows overlooking the mountain. It was a perfect sight watching the sun rays peep from behind the mountain followed by the sun creeping up slowly as if not wanting to wake you up. The golfers have their thing going on in their golf course as bikers speed on the pavements and up the hill. There’s just too much to see and do in one place including an animal orphanage. The place is worth another visit and another…
Meanwhile, January is here and we need to dress up for the office. Blazers in assorted colors are an easier way to dress up and this yellow one gives you a sparkle. Notice how a green heeled shoe blends in well with the black top and skirt. You can get away with a short black skirt by using a blazer as it tones it down, as opposed to a tight top. Chunky golden jewelry accompanies the look.


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Bright And Beautiful

It’s a wrap! The year is over and looking back, I’m grateful for so much. If I started counting my blessings, I would need all day to do so. It came with its challenges, which they say is a way of growing. I learnt so much in those few 12months and grew immensely.

Some of my greatest lessons have been:

Self love
You have got to be your own greatest fan and treat yourself as such. Most of the times we are weighed down by our problems, obligations, duties and we find ourselves choked, unable to enjoy the free fresh air. Life moves so fast, if you don’t stop to appreciate it, you will wish you did and it might be too late.

Worry Less
It’s so human to worry, but then again it never helps any situation. You end up stressed and it affects your health, well being and spills over to the people around you.  All you need is bit of faith and some few actions and in the end, it all works out well.

Peace of mind
It may sound cliché, but having a peaceful mind is worth more than silver and gold. Need I say more?

It’s ok to be ‘wrong’
The society expects us to behave in a certain way; it is ok to follow your own different way as long as it is a right one. The expectations are higher on the woman and it can bring her so much pressure and oppression. We do not need to conform to the perceived social norm; times have changed and some adjustments come in handy. That doesn’t necessarily make us hard headed; it’s our way of liberal expression.

Be yourself
There can only be one you in your lifetime, and living as you is the best feeling ever. You don’t have to pretend to be what you are not. If you like dancing (like I do), go ahead and break your bones on the dance floor. If you like your whiskey on the rocks, (again, like I do) no need pretending that a glass of wine is all you do. Knock yourself out. Do not live your life in pretence trying to please others, just be you.

I could go on and on, but let me pause and present to you a bright combination of hot pink skater dress and luminous green crop sweater with a hot orange strappy shoe! It’s a HOT Christmas! Dare to combine bright pieces as long as they harmonize. The dress is casual but you can tone it down with different blazers, as seen on my photos and rock the office just fine. Minimal jewelry is ideal as the colors are loud.

Such a chic look!
Merry Christmas!


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Denim On Skirt

I like versatile pieces; the fact that you get to do many combinations to bring out different outfits. The denim shirt below was paired with denim pants in my last blog, so this time I decided to pair with a long turquoise skirt. There’s just a way that many long skirts go perfectly with a denim shirt despite their color. You could tuck in the shirt to bring out the length of the skirt, let it loose all buttons open with a bright colored vest inside or tie a knot at the bottom and make it a crop top; I prefer the sleeves folded up.

The skirt is one of the many I sold and still have some in stock. It has a thick material and is flowing freely without clinging to the body and with such a rich color. You can opt for a belt on it or leave it out. A flat shoe, open or closed is preferable. You can accessorize this outfit in chunky jewelry though I opted for loud sunnies, with nude colored brim with a very unique shape.

The outfit is very casual and so comfortable especially in this festive season of one event after another.

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Denim On Denim

There are some things that are timeless and will never go out of fashion like the Beatles, wine, a thank you note, a black outfit, red lipstick, leather jacket and a fine woman; or maybe not because she ages and wrinkles but if she has a sense of style, that, never dies. Denim is definitely in that list and has been worn over years since the wild wild west. They say fashion is fickle, except when it’s not, and denim is such.

We interchangeably use denim to denote jeans, but actually denim is the fabric (100% cotton) and jeans refer to the casual wear. Denim is used in the making of shirts, pants, bags, hats, shoes etc. It is the one fabric that is fashionable when new, old, faded, bleached and even in tatters. Each state is a fashion statement on its own.

I have put two pieces of denim in one outfit, shirt and the pants in different shades of blue. I would have opted for closed flat shoes, easy for running around, but there’s a way a heel brings out the lady in you. It is my favorite golden Aldo ankle boot which breaks the denim monotony. I made a small turn up on the pants where it meets the boots, for no apparent reason, it looked better  that way. I rarely do loop earrings but in this case, they pick the gold from the shoe so..why not. It’s a sunny day and my nude rimmed sunnies are on fleek!

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