High low Lace

It’s the Easter season and we all celebrate it for different reasons. To some, time out from work for four good days, to others no school, time to party, a reason for a holiday out, time to fast and pray, an opportunity to visit upcountry, time to have a reconnection with Christ , time to Tembea  kenya and all manners of celebrations. Whichever way you look at it, knock yourself out and have a good time.

Well, to me it’s a combination of many factors so I’m going to have a blast while at it, not forgetting our National Transport Safety Authority Kenya has been spotted fuelling their ‘Moto garis’. If you are a Kenyan, then you clearly know what that means to you, right?

Stay safe people.

The dress code is definitely casual and very light given the high temperatures.  I have this black lace sleeveless dress with a well fitting bodice and a high low effect on the hem. The kind that follows you behind when you are walking, by the way it flows. Its elegance is top notch and speaks for itself.

Glam it up with a bright floppy hat, or screaming jewelry and an outstanding shoe. How you accessorize it especially with the shoes determines the outcome of the overall outfit. A high heel/wedge gives the dress a better elevation.

Happy Easter!

Willy Muturi-218

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Floral Skater


If you save yourself for marriage you’re a bore, if you don’t save yourself for marriage you are a whore-ribble person

If you won’t have a drink then you’re a prude, but they’ll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one

If you can’t lose the weight then you’re just fat, but if you lose too much then you’re on crack

You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t, so you might just as well do whatever you want


Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys, or kiss lots of girls if that’s something you’re into

When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight, roll up a joint……or don’t…

Just follow your arrow wherever it points…..  “

My love for country music led me to Kacey musgraves’ song: Follow your arrow, which makes so much sense; need I say more?

On the blog this week, i am having an A-Line dress, black in colour with an apricot  floral print, such simplicity! It’s a much safer bet when you don’t want to hide the unwanted curves on your body or to hide the missing curves ; it works both ways, as it just flows from the waist, down. Perfect for both curvy girls and the petite as it balances both ends. A great piece for flaunting your legs which is only illuminated by a really nice shoe.

You can have a sweater on top or a fitting blazer as I have done below. The key point is the shoe, it makes whole lot of a difference. If possible wear a high heel, which will make the dress sway as you walk, in a mannerful and sexy manner.

The dress, bag and shoes are available in various sizes on my Facebook page: Angie’s Closet.

Contact: 0724837840

Willy Muturi-378

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Never say never in fashion, because you will be wearing ‘never’ in two years time, or less. I have never been a fan of jumpsuits, despite them having been in fashion; but you know what, seasons do change, waves crash, stars fall from the sky, days grow longer as nights grow shorter. Moral of the story, nothing is constant and you need to try out stuff you thought you wouldn’t.

Fitted this jumpsuit and kinda fell in love with it and i hope that we are going to have a sustainable relationship. It has a back zip for easy access. I opted for black to start with; just to play safe. It has a simple yet magnificent print at the front formed by the folds on it, with a slim belt that accentuates the waistline. The material is silky and not clingy on the body. You see, with such an outfit the material really matters especially for those with a prominent rear view. You don’t want to go bubbling all over the place, but then again we have body shapers to keep the bubbly body firm.

It is a casual kind of outfit but you can formalize it by throwing a coat on top and a closed pair of heels. It is perfect for a sunny day in open air where you can throw in eye catching accessories, all colorful and glamorous. Play around with different accessories for different looks. The many the merrier, just don’t over do.

The jumpsuit, blazer and shoes are available on my online shop in various sizes.

Visit my Facebook page: Angie’s Closet to shop

Get me on 0724 837 840 for any enquiries.

Photos credit: Willy Muturi photography

Willy Muturi-50

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Valentines fever

It’s valentines…again…yea yea yea. I guess only a single person would care less about it. This is the day where the single people ‘tunainama’ (we bend), allow the day to pass quietly with minimum interference then ‘tunainuka’ (rise), find Monday and life moves on.
One of the Valentines that still tickles my funny bone is on this 5star hotel dinner on a date night and Wahu the songstress was performing. She is one of my favorite female artists but that night, she did not make me proud. How do you perform the song ‘HE IS A LIAR’ on a Valentines date night. Then when I thought fyuks, on to the love ballads, she comes back on stage with the remix of the song, ‘HE IS STILL A LIAR’. Like really, Wahu really?
Luckily, Shell gas station has remembered ‘us’ and is offering heavily discounted fuel prices; I definitely will go get a full fuel tank on 14th and a rose flower from the gas station, how thoughtful of Polycarp.
However, I do have a dress for the day, of course a red tiny one which I won’t wear. Gone are the days when I could pull a micro number randomly, but I still don’t want to let go so it’s been hanging in my closet for ages. I’m sure we all have such. How about we re-invent them and make them ‘wearable’.
Pull a skirt over a short dress and let the dress serve as a top, magic! Ok, maybe not, but it works well. The dress is one sleeved with such a sweet floral frill on the shoulder and a well fitting skirt which suits many casual occasions. A strappy/mesh pair of shoe flows along well with just enough accessories not to over shadow the frill on the shoulder.
Dig up the dresses that you rarely wear and do combos that give you a new outfit! Free of charge.

Pass by my Facebook page: Angie’s Closet to see the new stock on shoes and clothes.

Happy valentines!


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Matchy Matchy

The bucket list; a list of things to do before you kick the bucket.  As people are busy ticking off the list of things they want to achieve in their lifetime, I’m busy ticking off the things that I’m sure I will not try out. Top of my list is sky diving. After reading Biko’s thrilling and vivid description of his sky diving experience in his blog, BIKOZULU, I made up my mind that the only thing that will make me jump off a flying plane is if the plane catches fire. They say, and I quote: ‘Fly not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.’ In my opinion, I can still see the world perfectly from the comfort of a closed plane, well buckled up.

2nd on my list is bungee jumping; be it with a rope tied on my feet and I’m expected to jump off a cliff, or on a well secured seat with elastic ropes firmly secured on masts that seem to be touching heaven, no, I pass on that. These two are on my bucket, there to stay; if it is for thrill’s sake, I shall explore other forms.

Away from the buckets, nowadays we shy off from the all matchy matchy kind of outfits where yellow has to get another yellow to stay cool; but it doesn’t hurt to match it all up, overdo it and see if you feel the vibe. If you like it, crown it!

Red pants are a tricky wear and you have to get the right shade, rock it well and with lots of confidence. I decided to overdose it with a red top, covered in a mustard sweater and supported by a mustard shoe. It looks hot, literally. You would stand out in such an outfit on a casual occasion or random dress down Fridays.

Too matchy matchy but in a good way.


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