Earth-colored Tribal print

Ever looked at a color and saw mud? Like the mud we used to play with to mould stuff back in the days? Way back? It’s the feeling I get from the color of the skirt below. Color of the earth, real African representation. Donning the skirt gives me a sense of belonging: African.

The print on the skirt is called tribal and to match it up I did a plain black long sleeved turtle neck top. It looks better tucked in to give the skirt some length; mid length. Folding up the sleeves makes it not look so plain.

A black shoe is good enough as long as not a ‘boring’ one.

The jewelry is more ‘vocal’ seeing that the black top is ‘silent’. The brown beads on the necklace and the loops on the earrings bring out the African theme more and picks the brown from the skirt so well.

golden bracelet may add a bit of glamour and will still stick to the theme. The brown bag which happens to be my favorite in my closet compliments everything in the outfit.

It’s the perfect office wear.


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White-Turquoise combo

White, the representative of purity, cleanliness and innocence. Turquoise, the unique blue that we all love amongst the various shades of blue. A harmonious blend of two colors that define an outstanding outfit look.

The white blazer is a wardrobe must have, as it goes well with lots of outfits. It brings out a lot of confidence in oneself. The plain white top inside works flawlessly without being too much of white. The chino pants have unique length and are not the normal full fitting trousers. This attracts some attention, while the blue remains calmly irresistible. The green scarf amplifies pizzazz and warms up to the rest of the outfit. The blue shoe does not take away any attention from the outfit. The blue studs and black watch may go unnoticed but look classy.

While not recommended for formal meetings, this outfit qualifies as official wear and can also pass for casual. Remember, keep it simple and classy. Always.


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Orange is the new black

Whoever came up with the phrase couldn’t have put it any better. Of late my closet is full of orange outfits from blazers, jackets, tops to shoes. In the current fashion era, any color does it and different color combinations work wonders.

Orange gives so much warmth and shows maturity. It does well on both official and casual settings.

The coat below has a good fit and does a perfect job with the knee length white skirt. The navy blue top tones down the bright colors and has a unique double breast button pattern at the front. With this, the accessories have to be kept to a minimum, thus the simple golden chain and earrings.

The Polka dot orange shoe picks up the orange from the coat quite well and blends in with the rest of the pieces ; so does the brown handbag. The outfit is a perfect office wear.


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… and the journey begins …

Hi there, my name is Angie. I love fashion and this is where our journey begins with my first post…

Crop tops are not for everyone, so I thought… Until I came across this outfit. It has the right fit which compliments my body. You do not have to have a flat tummy to rock this crop top outfit. The print on the top is unique and the skirt is plain and has a comfortable fitting.

I opted for simple black classy shoe such that all attention goes to the dress. The jewelry is also ‘silent’….golden simple earrings and a golden chain. The whole combination brings out elegance.

The dress is formal enough to do office meetings and commands presence without attracting too much attention.

‘Simply Elegant’

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