Nyeri women, we did it again! Trending, but for all the wrong reasons. I am a woman from Nyeri, proudly, but no, we are not bad people, just a few wicked cases.(Can I get a clap?) If you are wondering what am talking about, check #Nyeriwomen on twitter.  It is so unfortunate having women become so hostile towards their men to the extent of chopping off their body parts. It is very inhuman, Crude, uncouth and uncultured, if you ask me. However, trust Kenyans to find humor in anything and everything. My funniest quote being: ‘He is brave, he who marries a Nyeri woman and sleeps with both eyes closed’.

The cold season is still here with us and most of us have scarves and beanies but we are not sure how to put them on. I got my orange set from H & M store a while back and it has been idle in my closet but is coming in very handy right now. The combination is very casual but the scarf alone can be thrown on a formal outfit.  I combined mine with a long sweater, thick stockings and boots. Ideal for a laid back chill mode kind of day, or for running errands in this cold weather. What do you think?