Sneakers are not my every day cup of tea but once in a while i rock them. Being in office most of the week doesn’t help the situation hence i take advantage of the weekends. It’s a good choice for an out of town drive, barbecue with friends or for just running around. They are really comfortable and a break from the usual high heels.

The shoes are high top white Carrera which are the first kind of pair in my closet. I wore them with blue jeans which have a slim fit. Jeans can be tucked in or cover the top of the shoes. The top is casual and fancy with a bright yellow or pink, quite playful. It has a pattern at the front. I do not like the usual t-shirts mostly for promotions , that we put on with jeans. A girl has got to look good even if it’s while running errands.

The white on the rim of the sunnies picks up the white on the shoes really well. I put on coloured studs for earrings. I find studs less feminine and in line with the casual ‘boyish’ look. Coloured bracelets would do just fine. The white ceramic watch gives a pop on the accessories.

I would avoid a handbag or a clutch with this look because they are too feminine and instead go for a sling or a pouch bag.

Chilled out!