Who said ties are only meant for men? When I look around me, the men are not having their ties on. So I take it up on me to do it. It’s such a nice masculine feeling, well, despite the fact that I do not know how to tie a tie and have to seek help.

I love trying different looks and this gives me the uniqueness. The shirt has pink feminine touch and as usual, I like pulling the sleeves up a bit to make it look a bit fancy. The navy blue skirt is knee length with a frill at the front. Combining frills (feminine) and tie (masculine) is quite interesting.

The color of the tie, a block of red and black is the same as that on the shoe so they harmonize. A polite red colored bag comes in handy. My geek glasses give the whole look a serious business effect and overall the look is of a career or business woman.

Seeing that the outfit is already overwhelming, I kept the earrings simple by doing red studs. The watch on my wrist is leather Titan which is ‘quiet’.

Let’s do business!