Whoever came up with the name houndstooth, so sophisticated, also called a dogstooth pattern. The smaller print version of it is called puppy’s tooth and no, I’m not making this up, it is all true but really? Puppy’s tooth print? If you are wondering what I’m talking about, check the print on the skirt below though it’s usually in black and white. It is what we call a houndstooth print. I have it on a stretchy midi length skirt; by now you know I have a thing for midi length skirts, they bring out curves in a luscious way, just how we like it, right?

I paired it up with a mustard coloured top which brings out the print; this color is unique and bold. It can also do a blue or black jeans. The outfit looks casual, to dress it up you can have a black blazer on or a sweater. I put on maroon shoes because it rhymes with the other colors. At times black is not the solution to everything, another bold color can neutralize or harmonize the rest, you just need to keep trying till you get a match.

The last couple of days I have been away shopping around for quality and unique clothing to sell and will post them on my facebook page: Angie’s Closet. Glad that I can share what I showcase on the blog with my readers. For any queries, kindly leave a comment or send a message on the blog or Facebook page.

Happy shopping.