Fashion has no rules per Se, and whatever rules implied can be broken. It evolves with time and keeps repeating itself. Look at the skater dresses; it is what our mothers used to wear back in the days, even shorter. Dare you wear such length near them now; you will not hear the end of it and no, not applauding you.  The flare bottom pants should be somewhere around the corner coming. It’s quite a cycle.

Talking of fashion rules, patterns are usually matched with plain pieces but interestingly enough, you can gather them and mix them anyhow. Polka can go with lines, floral can go with hounds tooth and so on. On my outfit, I have a green floral skirt with a green pattern shirt which I never thought would harmonize but a black sweater sealed the deal and turquoise shoes toasted to the look!

It’s a warm, easy, classy, office look , right?










        Photography: Kiarii Kimani