Motherhood is wonderful, and it’s lots of hard work. I would call it a full time job, inner joys being the reward. From the minute you wake up, wait, do you even sleep? Mothers can attest that the first few years of life are not all joys. Like seriously, who wants to change poop every few hours, and feed someone who doesn’t want to be fed. Where do teachers even get the patience to teach someone from scratch? I help my daughter with her school assignment and by the second page am so fed up! Two thumbs up to teachers, they deserve the salary increment by the government.

The nannies also deserve trophies, not just salary increment. They work like magicians; within seconds they have done tasks that would take mothers eternity especially involving the kids. We have to hide when its meal time, otherwise food time with mummy doubles up as play time and fussy moments.

I did a shoot with my little ones, thanks to my little diva who always wants to accompany me for my shoots and the below dress is what I picked. It is a decent long dress, the kind that I like wearing on Sundays for church or for those African or family events. I bought the dress at Jamia mall and it’s such a comfortable piece to be in. It’s a full dress, though it looks like it has a black lace top with a high collar, a zipper at the side and a waist cinching band. It has a rich color and has a silky touch, flowing to the floor.



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