The bucket list; a list of things to do before you kick the bucket.  As people are busy ticking off the list of things they want to achieve in their lifetime, I’m busy ticking off the things that I’m sure I will not try out. Top of my list is sky diving. After reading Biko’s thrilling and vivid description of his sky diving experience in his blog, BIKOZULU, I made up my mind that the only thing that will make me jump off a flying plane is if the plane catches fire. They say, and I quote: ‘Fly not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.’ In my opinion, I can still see the world perfectly from the comfort of a closed plane, well buckled up.

2nd on my list is bungee jumping; be it with a rope tied on my feet and I’m expected to jump off a cliff, or on a well secured seat with elastic ropes firmly secured on masts that seem to be touching heaven, no, I pass on that. These two are on my bucket, there to stay; if it is for thrill’s sake, I shall explore other forms.

Away from the buckets, nowadays we shy off from the all matchy matchy kind of outfits where yellow has to get another yellow to stay cool; but it doesn’t hurt to match it all up, overdo it and see if you feel the vibe. If you like it, crown it!

Red pants are a tricky wear and you have to get the right shade, rock it well and with lots of confidence. I decided to overdose it with a red top, covered in a mustard sweater and supported by a mustard shoe. It looks hot, literally. You would stand out in such an outfit on a casual occasion or random dress down Fridays.

Too matchy matchy but in a good way.





WIL_7372 WIL_7357


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Photos by : Willy Muturi photography