There is something about leather jacket, boots and bike that give them a perfect combination look. This bike is super amazing, at least from the outlook. Would love to go on and on about its description but then again I don’t really understand the technical terms. So let me stick to my lane, though am told it’s a 2009 Yamaha road star, with a capacity of 950cc, at least I understand the cc bit (chuckles).

Back to my closet.

Leather jacket is a timeless wear. Leather gives a feeling of toughness and most of the outfits are dull colored. So when I came across a bright orange leather jacket, I knew it needed to be in my closet. It’s a tough but colorful combination.

Which better way to pair it than with dark pencil jeans and black tank top?  I wasn’t sure of what color of boots to wear but when I tried on the cinnamon colored ones, they completed the look. They have a wide heel which is very comfortable, with a strap that runs across.

Best jewelry would be tough looking ones like chunky metallic ornaments. I wore a metallic choker on the neck and a black ceramic watch.

I would dress in such for sporty events, out of town drive, or a random weekend plan. The boots would come in handy for an evening barbeque to warm the feet.

How differently would you pair the jacket? Let’s share!