Sunny day, green grass, January is here!

The green dress below has a toned down texture of a maize leaf and the pattern is just like it. However, it is not as rough. I love Maxi dresses, actually I love all lengths of dresses depending on which occasion am dressing up for. I can do as long as it can get and as short as it can climb up. I wear maxi dresses on Sundays when going to church, at weddings, family occasions, and African dowry occasions what we call in our land ‘ruracio’ and such events. The maxis look decent enough in the presence of the older generation.

I got this dress from a stall in Jamia mall and is one of my favorite long pieces. It fits well on the upper body with a v-neck that does not plunge too deep. Though a sleeveless, the shoulders are well covered thus showing minimal skin.

The bottom is an A-line and flows freely from the upper waist down to the floor making it very comfortable to walk in. It has polyester lining hence not clingy to the body.

I paired it with simple white flat shoes given that the dress length gives a ‘tall’ impression and no need for heels (plus they are very comfortable). The earrings are brown beads which matched my hair. Also, I have a golden small watch and a golden bracelet with a pretty green ring on my finger.



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