Never say never in fashion, because you will be wearing ‘never’ in two years time, or less. I have never been a fan of jumpsuits, despite them having been in fashion; but you know what, seasons do change, waves crash, stars fall from the sky, days grow longer as nights grow shorter. Moral of the story, nothing is constant and you need to try out stuff you thought you wouldn’t.

Fitted this jumpsuit and kinda fell in love with it and i hope that we are going to have a sustainable relationship. It has a back zip for easy access. I opted for black to start with; just to play safe. It has a simple yet magnificent print at the front formed by the folds on it, with a slim belt that accentuates the waistline. The material is silky and not clingy on the body. You see, with such an outfit the material really matters especially for those with a prominent rear view. You don’t want to go bubbling all over the place, but then again we have body shapers to keep the bubbly body firm.

It is a casual kind of outfit but you can formalize it by throwing a coat on top and a closed pair of heels. It is perfect for a sunny day in open air where you can throw in eye catching accessories, all colorful and glamorous. Play around with different accessories for different looks. The many the merrier, just don’t over do.

The jumpsuit, blazer and shoes are available on my online shop in various sizes.

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Photos credit: Willy Muturi photography

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