My birthday week is here; finally I get to the big 30, on to the 3rd floor! A round of applause, anybody? A standing ovation, maybe…no?….ok no. It’s been quite a journey, a rollercoaster and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. On a serious note, I feel like I have lived for 40yrs already, so many ups and down , so much achievement, and of course some failures which go hand in hand; but I do not regret any single bit. Life unfolds the way it is meant to be and all we can do is embrace it and flow along. When all is said and done, at this point of my life, I am happy.
At this age, ladies will agree with me that we cannot afford to throw cares in the wind. Gone are the days when I would eat any junk and get away with it, now I have to watch what I eat and keep the carbs low or else weight comes in double measures. Gym becomes a necessity and not a lifestyle. Cleaning the face just needed any ordinary soap, now I have to invest in cleansers and good moisturizers. Looking good and staying stylish, well, remains key, a constant.
I have a long dinner dress on my blog this week which is just a perfect piece, long and flowing and also suitable for the red carpet. The bodice has a lace on top of an underlining blue material with some gathers around the neck. The rest of it is long and flows, such a perfection, simplicity and elegance.
I had my black Aldo clutch, long chandlier earrings which are perfect for evenings with an updo hairstyle, a white watch which I find classy and some nude mesh peep toe heels.

All the above not available for sale but you can check out myFacebook page : Angie’s Closet, to see what is up for sale.
Happy shopping!