It’s the Easter season and we all celebrate it for different reasons. To some, time out from work for four good days, to others no school, time to party, a reason for a holiday out, time to fast and pray, an opportunity to visit upcountry, time to have a reconnection with Christ , time to Tembea  kenya and all manners of celebrations. Whichever way you look at it, knock yourself out and have a good time.

Well, to me it’s a combination of many factors so I’m going to have a blast while at it, not forgetting our National Transport Safety Authority Kenya has been spotted fuelling their ‘Moto garis’. If you are a Kenyan, then you clearly know what that means to you, right?

Stay safe people.

The dress code is definitely casual and very light given the high temperatures.  I have this black lace sleeveless dress with a well fitting bodice and a high low effect on the hem. The kind that follows you behind when you are walking, by the way it flows. Its elegance is top notch and speaks for itself.

Glam it up with a bright floppy hat, or screaming jewelry and an outstanding shoe. How you accessorize it especially with the shoes determines the outcome of the overall outfit. A high heel/wedge gives the dress a better elevation.

Happy Easter!

Willy Muturi-218


Willy Muturi-237

Willy Muturi-235

Willy Muturi-262


Willy Muturi-213

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Willy Muturi-279



Photography by @Willy Muturi Photography