The things we take for granted, like tropical weather. In Kenya we do not get the cold or hot extremes. Like in Mombasa, a heavy downpour and 10 mins after, you are back to sunbathing.

It is Spring season in some parts of the world and my floral skirt would have been a perfectly timed post.I love flowers but not as much as my 5yr old daughter. Her favorites are red and white roses and I usually buy her a bouquet once in a while. I am still looking around for a nice flower garden/ play ground where she can pick different types of flowers to play with. Any leads in Nairobi??

This floral skirt is knee length and round with lots of gathers. It swings with every step I make, how flattery. It has loads of colors making it easy to pair it by just picking one of the colors. The nude, long sleeve, round neck top is a perfect match. Being tight on the body compliments the round skirt.

The shoe and the bag are brown, a color also on the skirt. Golden jewellery and a black leather watch complete a golden look. The outfit is casual/official, very decent and unique.












Top & Skirt: Splash, center point

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Jamia Mall

Jewellery: Mr. Price