Women have nothing to wear, at least most of the days, despite their closets being full of clothes. We just rummage through our wardrobes ,dump half of the clothes on the bed as we try to see what goes with what and after a whole hour we shall still not come up with anything and if we do, it won’t  really nail it as intended. Even my 6yr old girl complains that she has nothing to wear so clearly, this starts at an early age.

Ever thought of recycling clothes? Rather redoing the same clothes you wear in different ways? I know we are women and we hate doing the same dress over and over again but you can redo the same dress in different ways for different occasions.

Take my blue skater dress below that was a gift from my friend, it’s casual and the bold color is limiting in that it’s noticeable and you can’t wear it so frequently. However, you can re-do it by pairing with different shoes.

The first is with stockings and knee length boots, my favourite; perfect in cold weather for outdoor activities like the koroga festival, hikes, long drives  and stuff like that, given the comfort.

You can do a different shoe by pairing with a sophisticated heel to do activities with minimal movement like parties, weddings and such where elegance is key, and you will be treated like the lady you are.

I thought the blue is too bold for office until I toned it down with a floral blazer and an office black heel. With that I’m good to go for my meetings.

Just like in life, there are many possibilities and you just need to try out different things until you get what works.







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