We all have those days when you don’t feel like dressing up and will open your wardrobe and stare blankly hoping to pull out anything wearable and go on with your day but hey, that doesn’t give you a reason to dress shabbily. In fact, there is no reason for not looking good despite where you are going even if staying at home. Thursdays for some reason give me that kind of feeling.

To handle such a situation, we all need that dress that requires minimal effort and creativity. You just pair with black or brown heels and you are off looking fine. This brown dress hugs my body comfortably and doesn’t need more glamming up. The dark block on the sides of the dress gives an illusion of a smaller waistline. Such a design would come in handy for a person with a not very defined waistline and to make it even more defined, a body shaper (spanx) does the trick. Woolworths stock good ones.

The length is just above the knee and perfect for office. I love the brown shade which is laid back and not flashy hence suits the mood of not feeling like dressing up. I put on a slim brown belt that is not too identical to the entire outfit therefore breaking the flow of the design. It just looks good. For shoes, do black or brown. The earrings are brown beads which blend in well with the color of my hair. The watch is simply Titan leather. I felt the bag would spice things up a bit given that its two block colors rhyme with that on the dress.

It is as simple as it can get and with minimal effort, I am ready for office!

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