I like versatile pieces; the fact that you get to do many combinations to bring out different outfits. The denim shirt below was paired with denim pants in my last blog, so this time I decided to pair with a long turquoise skirt. There’s just a way that many long skirts go perfectly with a denim shirt despite their color. You could tuck in the shirt to bring out the length of the skirt, let it loose all buttons open with a bright colored vest inside or tie a knot at the bottom and make it a crop top; I prefer the sleeves folded up.

The skirt is one of the many I sold and still have some in stock. It has a thick material and is flowing freely without clinging to the body and with such a rich color. You can opt for a belt on it or leave it out. A flat shoe, open or closed is preferable. You can accessorize this outfit in chunky jewelry though I opted for loud sunnies, with nude colored brim with a very unique shape.

The outfit is very casual and so comfortable especially in this festive season of one event after another.

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