There are some things that are timeless and will never go out of fashion like the Beatles, wine, a thank you note, a black outfit, red lipstick, leather jacket and a fine woman; or maybe not because she ages and wrinkles but if she has a sense of style, that, never dies. Denim is definitely in that list and has been worn over years since the wild wild west. They say fashion is fickle, except when it’s not, and denim is such.

We interchangeably use denim to denote jeans, but actually denim is the fabric (100% cotton) and jeans refer to the casual wear. Denim is used in the making of shirts, pants, bags, hats, shoes etc. It is the one fabric that is fashionable when new, old, faded, bleached and even in tatters. Each state is a fashion statement on its own.

I have put two pieces of denim in one outfit, shirt and the pants in different shades of blue. I would have opted for closed flat shoes, easy for running around, but there’s a way a heel brings out the lady in you. It is my favorite golden Aldo ankle boot which breaks the denim monotony. I made a small turn up on the pants where it meets the boots, for no apparent reason, it looked better  that way. I rarely do loop earrings but in this case, they pick the gold from the shoe so..why not. It’s a sunny day and my nude rimmed sunnies are on fleek!

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