It has been an amazing week and I feel so proud to be Kenyan, with our flag flying up high, thanks to our athletes. They have amazingly scooped so many gold medals, and we are ranking 1st in the whole wide world. Someone tell the world that we are a hotbed of eminence.  Have you noticed how Kenyans unite in such events and stand proud? Where everyone starts to tweet about Kenya, change their profile images to our Kenyan flag, and even look for those Kenyan branded clothes to wear? The time when we put all our differences aside and celebrate as one?  That’s the spirit I would wish to see in our country every single day, how I hope for that.

On fashion matters, I love masculine wear that has a feminine touch; the blue stripped shirt below combined with black chino pants are a true definition of that. The shirt has stiff collars, with two unique buttons at the back of the collar and buttoned long sleeves with the store signature on the cuff. It has a very corporate look. It can also be paired with a knee length straight skirt and the colors should be formal…ie black, navy blue or grey. The white pointed heel adds a feminine touch to it and makes a proper combo with the white Aldo bag. The watch is a slim Titan. With that kind of a look, keep the jewellery simple, hence I opted for single beads of pearls.

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