Mind Reset

“Why do you work out?

 You are not fat. You look fit!

Your body looks ok.

Why do you need Zumba? I am the one who should be working out……..”

I have been getting a lot of this from my friends when I mention that I do work out.

You see, I don’t go for Zumba to keep fit, to stay healthy or to lose weight; in fact, I have to feed really well to maintain my weight, otherwise it drops drastically after a few classes. I do Zumba solely to refresh/ reset my mind. The other benefits are an added advantage like keeping fit, healthy living, toning especially the bum (the twerking we do could give Rihanna a run for her money) and so on.

Zumba is a musical work out, with lots of dancing and with my love for dancing, it’s just what the doctor would recommend to rejuvenate my mind……well, until I get an opportunity to explore my other interest in pole dancing, which intrigues my mind and is in my bucket list (don’t give me that judgmental look, judgement is for judgement day).

The activities in our daily lives can be overwhelming and you can easily get bogged down. From careers, to families, to businesses, politics and so on. There’s just a lot that requires your attention and many times you feel like you need 5 of you to execute everything accordingly. You hear of people who succumb to depression, which you thought is a white man’s disease.

Some people die while they are still alive, and they live a cycle or robotic kind of life, following a schedule. A month passes and once in a while they come alive and ask: ‘haiya, where did time go’, then they die again and live like that for many years. It’s very easy to live like this, and not even realize that you stopped living.

Just like the electronics in our houses need resetting, our minds need that too. We have to keep refreshing our mind, so as to operate at optimum level, given that it is our central processing unit. We don’t want it ‘overheating’. This is where an activity you love comes in; could be jogging, a walk in the park, swimming, singing, just something different and sustainable that your mind looks forward to every so often. It rejuvenates and refreshes the mind, giving it a break from the norm and that, re centers it.

Find your ‘thing’ and help your mind to reset.


I am sitting here on a Sunday night, the time is 11.16pm to be precise, (I am such a night owl) trying to come up with words for my blog though feeling so burned out. I t reminds me of what I watch in the movies where people write, then tear the papers and throw them away, write again, throw it again until they come up with something solid..

You see, I’ve been meaning to pour my heart out (why does that sound romantic..) to my readers just to say thank you for following me on my blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Writing, taking pictures and posting them on social media is one thing, but having people who actually follow and like my work, is another.

I have been meeting some of you at the shop, as you come to buy clothes and you point out that you’ve been reading my posts since I began writing, way before I even opened the shop. That, right there is the fuel that keeps me moving. Knowing that I am actually touching someone’s life, even in my own small ways; it’s astounding and I am grateful to each one of you.

My mission is to help the ordinary woman dress up in a way that boosts her confidence and makes her to go out and conquer the world! You don’t need to be rich or of a certain skin color, size or shape to look good; anyone can look glamorous.

Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and contribute in your productivity. They say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” , but then again designers and marketers around the world have created an industry betting that people do judge and purchase products based on how they look.

Let’s keep walking together and I promise to share a lot more of my style, from my closet.

The shop is located in Kilimani, – Equitorial business park- along Wood Avenue

Our contact: 0724 837 840



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So, on Friday I walked down the aisle!

……only that several other people walked in after me, and finally the bride walked in and said I DO!

It was my friend’s wedding; dang!

You see, I am a typical girl who dreams of a dream wedding; I have the song I will walk down to in my mind, I know how my gown will look like, I know you will all listen to country music the whole afternoon session and you better come prepared to dance, and I mean a lot! I am just waiting for the day..and the groom; we can call that waiting upon the Lord, right? Ha ha ha

Marriage is a beautiful thing and my friend’s wedding was simple and awesome. The theme was African and I got the pleasure of owning my second African print dress. (I am not into African prints or anything contemporary).

The design I chose complimented my body shape and was simple and elegant, my style. At least I will get to wear it many more times, starting from this coming Easter holiday as I go to visit my grandma (she will definitely be proud of me, dressed in a ‘womanly’ dress covered from head to toe).

The last time I went to visit her, of course still in a dress (anything else –namely trousers- gets her very vexed), she asked me to turn around to see if I had been feeding well ( Really?..) and she gave me a thumbs up. I might need to overfeed and gain some weight seeing that I have shed some kgs recently.

Here are some of the pictures of the dress:

AC-1 (1)

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Things I Learnt In 2016

So 2016 is gone, but it left me with lots of wisdom packaged as lessons, a year that I truly loved!

It came with its challenges but as they say, what’s life without challenges? Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.

That the purpose of life is to serve God, through serving others and that is best accomplished by knowing your gift/ passion and touching peoples’ lives through it. We all have gifts, if only we looked deeper.

That many times we get tangled and lost in ways of life (could be responsibilities, work, family etc) and forget who we are, we forget to appreciate and take care of ourselves.

That at times bad things happen to pave way to good things; don’t curse every bad situation that comes your way.

That inner peace is such an amazing experience that every human deserves a right to experience.

That the power of mind is a magical tool that we all have and can use it to shape our destiny. There are no limits to our dreams; a dream is the one thing that a prince and a pauper share. Stretch your mind, we call that FAITH.

That there is nothing too small or silly to pray about.

That you don’t have to beat yourself too much over failures; just raise up, dust yourself and keep walking-like Johny walker..

That reading books is actually interesting (not just for passing exams) and apart from making your vocabulary sound ‘intelligent’ , it opens up your mind.

That you need to be comfortable and complete, on your own. You are your own world.

That ‘ FRIENDS’ is a very relative term.

That in whatever you do, give it your best; you never know who is watching and drawing inspiration from you.

That you will never fly if you keep standing at the edge of the cliff; you’ve got to jump!

That admitting you need some help doesn’t make you weak in any way; we all need help at some point.

That being you, is a breath of fresh air in paradise!




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All White Affair

All white affairs have become a fad in the recent times. From weddings, to dinners, bridal and baby showers, name them. The dress code is expected to be white, from head to toe. It is important to have several pieces of white in your wardrobe that can make several combinations of outfit. You don’t want to be wearing the same white outfit in all the events. White is best accessorized with gold or silver.

I attended Diner En Blanc last weekend which was quite a new experience for me. It is a worldwide event, a picnic sort of dinner under the moonlight with a strictly white dress code. You carry your own proper dinner food, all courses and proper dinning ware, not plastics and set up your own table. I was awed by the table settings; people went all out with flowers, candles,center pieces, table decorations and it was magnificent! The attires were jaw dropping! Everyone made an effort to look stunning and the men did not disappoint. I am looking forward to the next one.

Always have a white outfit ready, you never know when an all-white affair invitation will fly your way!






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