Friday happens to be one of my favorite days, if not the best. It feels like end of year, or an era. It just feels like close of a chapter and the awaiting of a new one. There’s nothing much that really changes, just a conception of the mind.

It has been one of those weeks that gets you thinking about life. My closest friend has been sick but recovering well; my friends have lost loved ones, both young and old. I can’t even start to imagine which is worse, losing an old person or a young one, the sharp knife of a short life. It makes you sit back and re-evaluate your life, see if you are making the best use of it because the time we have is borrowed. It’s like sitting on a ticking time bomb; so while at it, choose to be happy and make the days count as opposed to counting your days.

An informal dress code feels so relaxing, I love this particular LEVI jeans, the cut is to perfection, the material is light and comfortable and the length is chic. A fold pimps it up. I have a luminous green strappy top that peeps at the waist and an off shoulder chic sweater, a combination that sheds some years off you, girls you know what I mean, right?

Green Ankara earrings, white framed sunnies and a strappy heel to die for, with a dash of hot white ceramic watch. The outfit gives me a whole new level of energy.

Bring it on!














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