Well well well, look who got us talking all week long; a woman who gifted her man with a car worth 10M. Mmmhh..I wasn’t really astonished by that seeing that we have so many women who give so much to the men in their lives. To me it‘s not a case of reversed role, rather the empowerment of the girl child and change of times. Our African culture is very conservative and still insists that women belong to the kitchen; but not anymore. In fact, nowadays we have more women in the boardrooms and I see nothing wrong. It warms the cockles of my heart to see women achievers.

So if you have someone that you love and have the means to spoil him, knock yourself out, to the moon and back and give us something to talk about as we brace the July cold, sipping our coffee, minding our own business (yeah right) and showcasing our cold weather dress code.

On the blog, this has got to be my favorite trench coat, blue trench coat. I find the blue royal, the touch gentle, the length appropriate, the look exquisite and serves its purpose perfectly. You can wear a light short dress or dress top beneath, black stockings and boots. The Aldo golden ankle boot gives some sparkle. It’s a casual wear appropriate for evenings or cold days. Keep warm this July, won’t you?











Trench coat: Morris N’ Clad Jamia mall

Boots: Aldo

Top: Boot sale

Photography: Kiarii  Kimani