‘……….buy this blazer Angie and if you don’t like it just bring it back and I will give you a refund’. I thought that this was another sales gimmick that these sales guys use when they really want you to buy something; but after rocking it for several consecutive weekends, I realized it’s a gem!

It has an interesting pattern not to mention that the label is ‘Iceberg‘… never mind that it’s second-hand (chuckles). It has a velvety feel with solid blend of red, black and cream colours.

To match it up, I did a well-fitting blue denim pants which I felt did a better job than black. Being too matchy matchy at times spoils it. As for the top, mustard cream top looked like it came tailor made with the blazer and blended well.

The black and red shoe danced the same tune with the pattern on the blazer.

A statement golden necklace came in handy and was toned down by simple golden earrings.

Black flashy watch??…Yes! We are casual!


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