The cold season is here, what we would call our winter. The last I checked, the peak is usually in June/July but it seems like we are having it earlier; or maybe the worse is yet to come. Brrrrrrrr. Well, let me leave that to the meteorologists. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a meteorologist, no, actually an astronaut. Whatever happened along the way…………

It is paramount to keep warm, which doesn’t translate to dressing down or covering everything in a black over coat. Blazer is such a stylish piece to have in the closet. It is masculine in nature but the way it drapes on the female body makes it look dope! It is such a classy and stylish piece of clothing. I love pairing such with slim fit jeans, and this particular piece is a Levi’s, the one brand that cuts the fitting into perfection.

With the two pieces being ‘hot’, the top needs to be toned down so I opted for a loosely fitting drop-neck white sleeveless one. Am not sure I want to mention about the nude heel……again; though I will say that it’s the one shoe that goes with most of my outfits, if not all.

Stay warm.