Did you know that men account for 73% of the flowers sales done on Valentine’s Day?  That roses are flowers of love, the favorite flower of Venus the Roman goddess of love (red roses of course)? The bud stands for strong romantic feelings.

Having noted that, I do not like being in a red outfit on this day. I find it to be too cliché. Though that doesn’t mean I cannot be in one classy one. This Valentine’s I will be attending my friend’s wedding (Congrats Monie and Munene). I will be in a long animal print dress which has a silky touch which is just a masterpiece.

It is a one shoulder dress with frills on the shoulder piece. The neckline has a shallow V which shows minimal cleavage. It is figure hugging up to the mid hip then flows down to the floor in a sexy way. The dress is already statemental on its own so I avoided competing jewelry. I wore a gold chain on my neck, a silver bracelet and a black ceramic watch. The Earrings are shiny gold and royal blue which is catchy to the eye. The box clutch bag is a black and gold Aldo. The shoe is a black strappy suede Aldo, really classy. You cannot get away with a bad shoe with this kind of a dress.

Let’s dance for the bride, shall we?