So now we are in a political quagmire..(damn it! I’ve always wanted to use that word somewhere)…

You see, this 8-4-4 system that most of us middle class Kenyans passed through, taught us how to pass exams, and passing we did, with flying colors. The constitution came, and we passed it without reading it because really, we didn’t see the need to read it; we had other ‘important’ things to do.

I remember there were booklets all over and it was even published on the newspaper, but what did we do? Tulifunga nyama nayo…see our lives now..

We are running like headless chickens trying to learn what the constitution actually says, with everyone quoting their own things.

It reminds me of the Bible which the white man brought us but we never bothered reading and when we do, we pick the parts that suit our situations best.



Welcome to my tales, my new segment of nothing serious, …really..

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