So 2016 is gone, but it left me with lots of wisdom packaged as lessons, a year that I truly loved!

It came with its challenges but as they say, what’s life without challenges? Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.

That the purpose of life is to serve God, through serving others and that is best accomplished by knowing your gift/ passion and touching peoples’ lives through it. We all have gifts, if only we looked deeper.

That many times we get tangled and lost in ways of life (could be responsibilities, work, family etc) and forget who we are, we forget to appreciate and take care of ourselves.

That at times bad things happen to pave way to good things; don’t curse every bad situation that comes your way.

That inner peace is such an amazing experience that every human deserves a right to experience.

That the power of mind is a magical tool that we all have and can use it to shape our destiny. There are no limits to our dreams; a dream is the one thing that a prince and a pauper share. Stretch your mind, we call that FAITH.

That there is nothing too small or silly to pray about.

That you don’t have to beat yourself too much over failures; just raise up, dust yourself and keep walking-like Johny walker..

That reading books is actually interesting (not just for passing exams) and apart from making your vocabulary sound ‘intelligent’ , it opens up your mind.

That you need to be comfortable and complete, on your own. You are your own world.

That ‘ FRIENDS’ is a very relative term.

That in whatever you do, give it your best; you never know who is watching and drawing inspiration from you.

That you will never fly if you keep standing at the edge of the cliff; you’ve got to jump!

That admitting you need some help doesn’t make you weak in any way; we all need help at some point.

That being you, is a breath of fresh air in paradise!




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