August Holiday is almost over and we are about to go back to our routine life.  Routine being: wake up, drop kids to school, go to work, check on the shop, run a million errands, go back home to some elated kids with unending stories of how their days were, then another busy session of running around the house doing this or that and before you know it, it’s midnight. Press REPEAT. You have probably come across the meme written ‘Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!’ Well, too late I just turned a year older and the more you grow, the more the work, expectations, schedules, deadlines and so many other things that entail an adult life.  Life is quite intriguing and each stage has its hurdles and perks in good measures.

So before we go back to the routine, we (me and my kids) took some time to visit our beautiful coast line and escape from the cold Nairobi weather. As usual it’s all eat, swim, sleep, laze around and repeat. The kind of food that gets you excited for the first two days after which you miss your usual ‘ugali na sukuma’. The kids as usual don’t want to leave the pool all day. The monkey population in this area is higher than the humans which is fascinating at first until you start communicating to them like: ‘high buddy, get off my seat’. The foreign tourists still pulling their crazy stunts which include going with their toddlers who are in the ring floaters to the sea to jump over the huge waves during the high tides, something I wouldn’t attempt to do even with a floater on. The weather is warm enough though rainy in the afternoons, giving me a perfect excuse to nap with the kids. The beaches are sandy, white and beautiful as ever! My friends and their kids are just adorable!

While at it, I thought of doing a photo shoot at the beach and this is how it went; I am really getting used to this photos business.



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