There’s a wedding coming up and you have no idea what you shall wear. The stress is galore. Weddings nowadays have become a showbiz where we get to see all sorts of fashion. You have to look the part. It could be a traditional ceremony where you are expected to appear as decent as possible but still have it! A friend’s child birthday maybe, and you know how the other parents rock on such events. The struggle to look dope is real, worse still, if you hate hopping shop to shop, to shop.

What you need in your closet are several ‘decent’ dresses, what we call must haves. Something that your grandmother will be proud to see you in, if she is like mine who believes in almost full body coverage with at least 2cms of space between the skin and fabric.

The dress doesn’t have to be boring, stick to the trend. The mistake we make is that we only rush to buy when the need arises and end up settling for less than would have been achieved if earlier planned. Have several pieces in your closet awaiting an occasion, and you can accessorize them differently to suit different functions.

Here is one of my favorites! It is a Cinderella kind of dress with pockets. It is best worn with a strappy black shoe or any shoe that stands out but subtle to avoid competing for attention with the dress.

Does it get any glamorous than this?

Willy Muturi-209


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Keep walking

That moment when you walk into a bookshop, ask for a diary and take your time choosing one, never mind that we are in July and the year is half gone; well, at least you get to buy it at half price. Thing is, it should have been bought way earlier on but really, it’s never too late for anything, right?

It’s never too late to start or stop, never too late to get in or leave. There’s no perfect timing for anything, any timing could be perfect. To me the important thing is to do it, to keep moving, to keep walking, to keep trying and re trying.

Just like that vendor on the street who hopes there will be a passerby interested in what he is selling and with a few loose coins to spend. Hoping that the kanjo askaris won’t come harassing him and pack him up in their trucks; but he won’t stop trying or starting all over again.

From how I see it, all you need is to wake up and start…from whatever point…
Talking of stepping, here are some of the boots collection available in our shop which comes in handy especially in this cold season.

Keep your feet warm!



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