Denim On Denim

There are some things that are timeless and will never go out of fashion like the Beatles, wine, a thank you note, a black outfit, red lipstick, leather jacket and a fine woman; or maybe not because she ages and wrinkles but if she has a sense of style, that, never dies. Denim is definitely in that list and has been worn over years since the wild wild west. They say fashion is fickle, except when it’s not, and denim is such.

We interchangeably use denim to denote jeans, but actually denim is the fabric (100% cotton) and jeans refer to the casual wear. Denim is used in the making of shirts, pants, bags, hats, shoes etc. It is the one fabric that is fashionable when new, old, faded, bleached and even in tatters. Each state is a fashion statement on its own.

I have put two pieces of denim in one outfit, shirt and the pants in different shades of blue. I would have opted for closed flat shoes, easy for running around, but there’s a way a heel brings out the lady in you. It is my favorite golden Aldo ankle boot which breaks the denim monotony. I made a small turn up on the pants where it meets the boots, for no apparent reason, it looked better  that way. I rarely do loop earrings but in this case, they pick the gold from the shoe so..why not. It’s a sunny day and my nude rimmed sunnies are on fleek!

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Suited Up

Just when we thought Adele varnished, she makes a comeback with a hit song (hello) so huge that everyone is listening to it, (including our office guards whom i heard mastering the lyrics)..yes it’s that big! This woman leads such a simple life that is so admirable. She doesn’t care to have the ‘skinny’ celebrity kind of body, doesn’t dress scantily, she is not all over social media, infact, she hates being a celebrity. She has turned down endorsements, mega projects and so many opportunities and wants to stick to the main line, singing, and be known for that. Whoa!

Her music is about real life, mostly her life, something which she can relate to and at times gets caught up in it and breaks out in tears while practicing; such a heart on sleeve emotion! When she is not writing or singing, she is home with family. Such a simple humble life, yet she produces a single hit and the whole world listens. In fact, some major artists have postponed releasing their albums so as not to be overshadowed by her release. Don’t you just love this woman?

As I wait for the album with bated breath, due to be released in a week’s time, let me do my weekly fashion blog. It is a trouser suit, the second pair in my closet, its highlight being the length of the pants, which is above the ankle. It’s a neutral combination, brown suit, beige cowl neck top, nude shoes and a pale pink bag. The jewelry is black and simple. I got the suit from a friend (wink wink friend), who had it for months without knowing what shoe to pair it with. (Women problems). Don’t we all have such problems! The geeks glasses (very fake) gives it an edge. The whole combination makes such an ordinary suit stand out.



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Easy Does It!

Breathe in…Breathe out. Smell that? Yes? No? December is here, end of year, festive season, celebration time, holiday time! It feels like waiting for a Friday a whole year and finally it’s here. Well, not like we shall be on holiday all month long but it gives you that merry- kind of feeling. (Ignore the fact that it’s still early November)

It reminds me of back in the days when Christmas meant new clothes, new shoes, good food, visitors at home or a visit to Uhuru park for the swings and boat rides. I really need to re-do that Uhuru park boat ride with my kids; good old days.

On the blog this week is what i would call a lazy wear. The top is a body suit, remember them? The ones that had a clip at the bottom? Yes, the fashion is back! It has a very good fitting on the body. Alternatively wear a long vest, I have them on sale in different colors. The pants are floral ,sort of harlem type, with a loose fitting; very comfortable in hot weather and perfect for travelling. The pants have become my all time whenever I’m travelling.

My new sunnies (which have become an obsession), compliment the look. You can experiment with different chunky jewelry given that it’s a casual wear, and have on flat closed shoes or sandals. For a dress up you can do a strappy heel.

Easy but classy!

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