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Weddings are beautiful, and so are all the brides, yes, all. They say it’s a woman’s affair but I would think even the men wait for it with a bated breath. Then comes the part where the ladies have to look for a dress to wear for the will never understand the stress. We hop from shop to shop looking for the most dazzling attire that goes with the theme of the day.

Then come the men dressed down in jeans and t-shirts…surely. A simple khaki/ linen trouser with a good semi casual shirt is good enough, better still, an official wear..simple, decent and acceptable for the occasion.

The evening dress code (especially for ladies) is another headache, and especially for the bride who needs to stand out. A dress is always a better bet, either long or short depending on your preference. It comes in handy for both the dinner and dance set ups. If you like dancing like I do, then a comfortable dress and heel is suitable.

This sequin dress is appropriate for such or any other similar occasion, seeing that sequin is not an everyday affair. It is short, loosely fitting with a soft lining and short sleeves that balance the length effect. I had on chandelier earrings and a simple bracelet, with a black and silver clutch bag.

The orange strappy shoe adds some color to it and brings in a pop, summarizing it to a simple sexy evening look! Keep your make up bold and suitable for evening.

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Keep Fit Moment

Losing weight and keeping fit has become a way of life nowadays, especially for women. Gym business is on a boom, so many lose weight Facebook pages, people jogging in estates and nature parks, green smoothies made from raw vegetables have substituted meals among many other ways. It is a healthy lifestyle, if you ask me, but not every routine works for everyone. Personally I hate green smoothies and jogging is not my cup of tea.
I have struggled with post baby weight before so I know how it feels to desperately want to lose weight. Your fitness is 100% mental and your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. Making up your mind about it and sticking to the game plan is the 1st step. I may not be an expert in this but watching my diet does it for me anytime I need to shed a few kilos.
I usually embark on a low carb diet with JUST ENOUGH carbs for energy. I drink a glass of hot water and lemon before breakfast. I get rid of white bread and unnecessary pastries in my breakfast and instead fill it up with proteins, fruits and a slice of brown bread if need be. I don’t use sugar in my tea, not unless it’s coffee. The lunch portion is big enough to keep me away from snacking till dinner time and of course with minimal carbs. Dinner comprises of tomatoes + capsicums+ cucumber salad or grated carrots+ desiccated coconut+ raisin salad, of which I have to eat before 8 pm. With this, in two weeks my weight starts melting away.
Once in a while I do exercise and gym helps in toning up specific muscles. Sit ups and crunches are a must when it comes to getting rid of that stubborn ‘pot belly’. Jogging keeps me fit and energized but it mostly comes in handy when I want to de-clutter my mind. Dancing on a night out is my most ideal work out, fun and work out at the same time.
Don’t forget to take at least 2 litres of water in a day, the benefits are fantastic!

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