Pink Palette

Pink is for girls, rather that is the notion. I remember buying a lot of pink clothes for my first born daughter, talking of which she just turned 6 years old; how time flies, and God makes all things beautiful in His own time. As for my second daughter, i felt like it’s too overrated and did it in moderation. Pink is very feminine but with the modern metro-sexual man, he pulls pink in such a rightful manner, exhibiting confidence and style. It is a bold color to pull in the office, but with my love for experimenting with different office dress codes, I came up with this combination.

The skirt is pink, knee length, with two impressions of pockets and a slit at the back. It’s weird that what I liked most on the skirt was its inner lining which is pink with white polka dots, never mind that no one will get to see that but it just feels beautiful on the inside. The top is a pink sleeveless chiffon with ribbon collars that I make a bow with. It’s very casual and has a see through material hence the need for a white sweater which is light enough to serve as a top.

The nude shoe (my favorite) and a nude bag harmonize the whole look and sticks to the family colours. The watch is Titan black leather. Such a simple and classy look in an official way.

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Casual Friday

Friday happens to be one of my favorite days, if not the best. It feels like end of year, or an era. It just feels like close of a chapter and the awaiting of a new one. There’s nothing much that really changes, just a conception of the mind.

It has been one of those weeks that gets you thinking about life. My closest friend has been sick but recovering well; my friends have lost loved ones, both young and old. I can’t even start to imagine which is worse, losing an old person or a young one, the sharp knife of a short life. It makes you sit back and re-evaluate your life, see if you are making the best use of it because the time we have is borrowed. It’s like sitting on a ticking time bomb; so while at it, choose to be happy and make the days count as opposed to counting your days.

An informal dress code feels so relaxing, I love this particular LEVI jeans, the cut is to perfection, the material is light and comfortable and the length is chic. A fold pimps it up. I have a luminous green strappy top that peeps at the waist and an off shoulder chic sweater, a combination that sheds some years off you, girls you know what I mean, right?

Green Ankara earrings, white framed sunnies and a strappy heel to die for, with a dash of hot white ceramic watch. The outfit gives me a whole new level of energy.

Bring it on!


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