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It has been an amazing week and I feel so proud to be Kenyan, with our flag flying up high, thanks to our athletes. They have amazingly scooped so many gold medals, and we are ranking 1st in the whole wide world. Someone tell the world that we are a hotbed of eminence.  Have you noticed how Kenyans unite in such events and stand proud? Where everyone starts to tweet about Kenya, change their profile images to our Kenyan flag, and even look for those Kenyan branded clothes to wear? The time when we put all our differences aside and celebrate as one?  That’s the spirit I would wish to see in our country every single day, how I hope for that.

On fashion matters, I love masculine wear that has a feminine touch; the blue stripped shirt below combined with black chino pants are a true definition of that. The shirt has stiff collars, with two unique buttons at the back of the collar and buttoned long sleeves with the store signature on the cuff. It has a very corporate look. It can also be paired with a knee length straight skirt and the colors should be formal…ie black, navy blue or grey. The white pointed heel adds a feminine touch to it and makes a proper combo with the white Aldo bag. The watch is a slim Titan. With that kind of a look, keep the jewellery simple, hence I opted for single beads of pearls.

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It’s My Birthday

My birthday week is here; finally I get to the big 30, on to the 3rd floor! A round of applause, anybody? A standing ovation, maybe…no?….ok no. It’s been quite a journey, a rollercoaster and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. On a serious note, I feel like I have lived for 40yrs already, so many ups and down , so much achievement, and of course some failures which go hand in hand; but I do not regret any single bit. Life unfolds the way it is meant to be and all we can do is embrace it and flow along. When all is said and done, at this point of my life, I am happy.
At this age, ladies will agree with me that we cannot afford to throw cares in the wind. Gone are the days when I would eat any junk and get away with it, now I have to watch what I eat and keep the carbs low or else weight comes in double measures. Gym becomes a necessity and not a lifestyle. Cleaning the face just needed any ordinary soap, now I have to invest in cleansers and good moisturizers. Looking good and staying stylish, well, remains key, a constant.
I have a long dinner dress on my blog this week which is just a perfect piece, long and flowing and also suitable for the red carpet. The bodice has a lace on top of an underlining blue material with some gathers around the neck. The rest of it is long and flows, such a perfection, simplicity and elegance.
I had my black Aldo clutch, long chandlier earrings which are perfect for evenings with an updo hairstyle, a white watch which I find classy and some nude mesh peep toe heels.

All the above not available for sale but you can check out myFacebook page : Angie’s Closet, to see what is up for sale.
Happy shopping!

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Mustard On Houndstooth

Whoever came up with the name houndstooth, so sophisticated, also called a dogstooth pattern. The smaller print version of it is called puppy’s tooth and no, I’m not making this up, it is all true but really? Puppy’s tooth print? If you are wondering what I’m talking about, check the print on the skirt below though it’s usually in black and white. It is what we call a houndstooth print. I have it on a stretchy midi length skirt; by now you know I have a thing for midi length skirts, they bring out curves in a luscious way, just how we like it, right?

I paired it up with a mustard coloured top which brings out the print; this color is unique and bold. It can also do a blue or black jeans. The outfit looks casual, to dress it up you can have a black blazer on or a sweater. I put on maroon shoes because it rhymes with the other colors. At times black is not the solution to everything, another bold color can neutralize or harmonize the rest, you just need to keep trying till you get a match.

The last couple of days I have been away shopping around for quality and unique clothing to sell and will post them on my facebook page: Angie’s Closet. Glad that I can share what I showcase on the blog with my readers. For any queries, kindly leave a comment or send a message on the blog or Facebook page.

Happy shopping.


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Red Riding Hood

When the president of the world’s most powerful nation addresses women issues in our own country better than even our own women representatives, you stop, listen, take notes and heed to the call. He made me proud and I loved his speeches. He knows our country’s issues in such in-depth and in an astounding manner; calling out our heroines by names. You see, it is true that women are treated as second class citizens and in some communities they are only supposed to be seen and not to be heard; yet, they are the same people bringing so much positive input to our economy. The African culture tells a woman that her place is in the kitchen, and she ends up spending her entire life there, literally; not knowing what potential lies in her. In his words (POTUS), you educate a girl, she grows up into a learned woman and gives birth to learned children and community at large. I could go on and on about women but let me dwell on clothing them for now.

Jackets have been out fashioned by blazers but you can still rock a stylish piece. I got this piece which has a grey hood, smashing red color, sleeves which can be folded up and a floral lining. I bottomed it with purple chino pants and harmonized it with a multicolored chiffon top. The good thing with a multicolored item is that it’s easy to pick a matching item. Just pick a random color from the mix and get a piece with exact color. The human eye coordinates the two so well.

On my feet I had a red strappy pointed suede shoe with a short heel, it picks the red from the jacket.

The dress code is casual and chic, nice for a Friday dress down.


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