The cold season is here, what we would call our winter. The last I checked, the peak is usually in June/July but it seems like we are having it earlier; or maybe the worse is yet to come. Brrrrrrrr. Well, let me leave that to the meteorologists. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a meteorologist, no, actually an astronaut. Whatever happened along the way…………

It is paramount to keep warm, which doesn’t translate to dressing down or covering everything in a black over coat. Blazer is such a stylish piece to have in the closet. It is masculine in nature but the way it drapes on the female body makes it look dope! It is such a classy and stylish piece of clothing. I love pairing such with slim fit jeans, and this particular piece is a Levi’s, the one brand that cuts the fitting into perfection.

With the two pieces being ‘hot’, the top needs to be toned down so I opted for a loosely fitting drop-neck white sleeveless one. Am not sure I want to mention about the nude heel……again; though I will say that it’s the one shoe that goes with most of my outfits, if not all.

Stay warm.


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All White Affair

Talk of breaking the internet! Sharon of did just that with her engagement story. C’mon, let’s admit, it is every girl’s dream to have such a grand proposal and now we are waiting for the big wedding. I can’t wait to see the gown and all the glam in that wedding! Congrats to the couple.

Talking of white, it can be tricky rocking an all white dress. The usual pairing is done with black, but you can try other colors like brown and nude. There’s something magical about having same color on belt, bag and shoes. On this one, I wore brown belt, shoes and bag on one case, and did a nude combination on the other. It is such a simple way of dressing up white.  I accessorized with white earrings and a watch.

The outfit can be formal or casual. It is said that only the bride should be in white on the wedding day, but surely, this can pass, can’t it?



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I came across this article which is a good read: ‘Are you irreplaceable? #AskKirubi’ .It talks about what unique ability you have that makes you stand out among the rest. We all have that uniqueness and we should cash on it as it is an opportunity and I quote:

Friends, you need to create a name for yourself so that the world will beat a path to your door and reward you……Once you manage to do something few people can do, then you can pretty much name your price……Make your skill or talent ‘irreplaceable’ and let it define your success’.

On to fashion matters this week, they say we all need a Little Black Dress (LBD) and I concur. It is the one piece of outfit that comes in handy in many functions. I got mine from Jumia Online Shop and wasn’t disappointed with the shopping procedure. It is a bodycorn body hugging dress which makes it sexy, with a front zipper running along the front which makes it flirty and is knee length making it decent. The combination makes a perfect balance.

In such an outfit, spanx shape wear is almost inevitable to smoothen out any unnecessary bulges. It has got to be a girl’s best friend,after diamonds of course. I put on my strappy Aldo black shoe which complements the contours on my dress. My little black and gold clutch is a plus. Accessorize with a chunky golden necklace and balanced earrings.

The dress is casual and can be appropriate for cocktails, dinners, parties, weddings or such events. It is a – one fits many – kind of outfit.


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