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My last week was such an adventurous one. A trip to one great city, Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, located between Europe and Asia. It takes guts to travel alone to a foreign land that does not even speak your language, though I met several Kenyans who were really helpful. On the flip side, it feels good to converse in such broken English and not get judged.

It’s a 6 hours flight trip and the temperature was the lowest I have ever experienced, 7 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrrrr…. I couldn’t help but walk around in the light showers and enjoy some winter experience. I need to travel more often and gain vast experience. There are hotels all over the streets, given that it’s a shoppers’ and tourists’ destination.

The food is, well, good enough. I had no idea what most of the stuff was but the grilled chicken was to die for and the rice so yummy. I alternated that with shawarma for a whole week. I did not understand why bread is served in every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; a whole basket of bread.

I could go on and on but I need to present my outfit for this week. I must be having a thing for nude colours from shoes to dresses and tops. I mostly match it with neutrals but this time I wore a nude dress and  added a loud brightblue sweater and it worked. It pops out! Being a cold rainy season, I put on black sheer stockings and black shoes together with a black and white bag. The background suits my travel diaries theme.




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Floral moment

The things we take for granted, like tropical weather. In Kenya we do not get the cold or hot extremes. Like in Mombasa, a heavy downpour and 10 mins after, you are back to sunbathing.

It is Spring season in some parts of the world and my floral skirt would have been a perfectly timed post.I love flowers but not as much as my 5yr old daughter. Her favorites are red and white roses and I usually buy her a bouquet once in a while. I am still looking around for a nice flower garden/ play ground where she can pick different types of flowers to play with. Any leads in Nairobi??

This floral skirt is knee length and round with lots of gathers. It swings with every step I make, how flattery. It has loads of colors making it easy to pair it by just picking one of the colors. The nude, long sleeve, round neck top is a perfect match. Being tight on the body compliments the round skirt.

The shoe and the bag are brown, a color also on the skirt. Golden jewellery and a black leather watch complete a golden look. The outfit is casual/official, very decent and unique.


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Maxi Nude

It is the Easter Season and despite the party mode we are in, let us keep in mind the reason for the season and be grateful to God. (OK, the post is one week late). The dress am posting this week is one in which if my grandmother saw me in it, she would be full of praises of how appropriately am dressed. I would be used as a reference point of how women should dress and my cousins, dressed in trousers would never hear the end of it.

That doesn’t mean the dress is ‘boring’. It’s actually a very classy long sleeved, floor length, round neck and all nude colored. It has a cinched waistline that I added a nude slim belt on, and flows all the way down to the floor. It also has a front detail of gathers above the waist band, quite unique.

I used a black layered necklace to give it some color. Pink earrings or black chandelier earrings would do. As for the shoe, I opted for a pointed black suede though my favorite nude heel would do. A black clutch completed the look together with a black ceramic watch. I kept it all nude and black.

The dress is casual and ideal for weddings or wedding related or such casual events, not to mention visiting grandma! Win Win!

Subtle look.


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