Hues of beige

There is so much hullabaloo about this series, Empire. I am not so into movies but the empire bug caught up with me so I said, why not. Yes, it was worth watching although it kept me awake up to late night and when I say late night, trust me it’s really late. Not to mention the songs in the series are stuck on my mind.

On fashion matters, there are those clothes you buy and nothing seems to match with them. They hang in the wardrobe till ‘prince charming’ comes along and when he does, they start the journey together. These were my sentiments about this cream blouse below until a greenish beige trouser came along. Not even a black skirt could do the tricks on the blouse despite it being cream. There is a notion that black goes with everything but no, in my opinion, black goes with anything but not with everything.

The blouse is a button up and requires a neckpiece. The bip necklace did a perfect job and it goes inside the closed collar around the neck, something I found to be very unique. It also has a flap line across the back. The pants are chino with a perfect fit. A slim nude belt and a pair of nude heels and we are off to business. It is more of an official outfit.

Share your sentiments.


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Leather, bike and boots

There is something about leather jacket, boots and bike that give them a perfect combination look. This bike is super amazing, at least from the outlook. Would love to go on and on about its description but then again I don’t really understand the technical terms. So let me stick to my lane, though am told it’s a 2009 Yamaha road star, with a capacity of 950cc, at least I understand the cc bit (chuckles).

Back to my closet.

Leather jacket is a timeless wear. Leather gives a feeling of toughness and most of the outfits are dull colored. So when I came across a bright orange leather jacket, I knew it needed to be in my closet. It’s a tough but colorful combination.

Which better way to pair it than with dark pencil jeans and black tank top?  I wasn’t sure of what color of boots to wear but when I tried on the cinnamon colored ones, they completed the look. They have a wide heel which is very comfortable, with a strap that runs across.

Best jewelry would be tough looking ones like chunky metallic ornaments. I wore a metallic choker on the neck and a black ceramic watch.

I would dress in such for sporty events, out of town drive, or a random weekend plan. The boots would come in handy for an evening barbeque to warm the feet.

How differently would you pair the jacket? Let’s share!


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Stepping Out

All work and no play would make Angie a dull girl. I am not all about long dresses and official wear. I like hanging out with my friends for a night out to catch up on life’s happenings and dance the calories away. Dancing is my major work out plan which is so much fun so a win win for me. A girl has got to keep fit, right?

My night out dress would need to be sexy and comfortable to be in. The peplum blue dress tops my list for now. It has a strapless V- Neck bodice with a nicely elevated peplum. The length is above the knee, with a high slit on the side which is very appropriate for a night out. Such a slit is more common on long dresses. The material is thick, tight on the body but not clingy, and has a blue lace all over. It’s very comfortable.

I paired with white heels which look elegant. The neckpiece and earrings are a set of pearls which are screaming for attention. The watch is also white ceramic and to complete the look, I had a white clutch bag which is convenient and you do not have to look for hooks to hang your bag while out.

Being an evening, the makeup can be bold especially on the eyes and the lips. I used a bright MAC Violetta which makes the lips pop!

Comments are welcome on how differently you can accessorize.

Let’s share!


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Crop on long luminous

It’s early March, the year is still fresh but I already miss a holiday. Never mind that December was just the other day. My idea of a holiday is sun and sand…and water. Wild and cold weather are just not my thing though I still want to travel soon and see snow; and no, not the ‘Kenyan’ snow in Kinangop. That was actually hailstones.

My outfit this week suits a holiday wear. The green luminous color on the long hips hugging flowing skirt would look amazing on the beach. I topped it with a crop top; yes, another crop top in my closet. There is still hope for those with not so flat tummies to rock crop tops. Just ensure that it’s loosely fitting and the skirt is on high waist. That way there is minimal show of bulging skin.

For shoes I wore flat open sandals to relax the feet and enjoy the moment. A sling bag is playful enough and this particular one has a bright pink that goes well with the mood. You can accessorize with bright chunky ornaments  and clashing colors is allowed as long as they harmonize. I opted for chandelier earrings which go with the flow, literally.

White rimmed glasses complete the flashy look. A fresh bright flower on the hair would look so girly in a good way. Perfect wear for a sunny day.



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