The Orange dress

‘Your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady.’ Marilyn Monroe

Having quoted that, i love dresses that fit well on the body of a woman and this orange dress does just that! It is neither tight nor loose, neither short nor long, just the tailor made kind of fitting. I bought the dress just before my second pregnancy and after having worn it like twice i had to shelve it. More than a year down the line and it still couldn’t fit me but disposing it wasn’t an option ; instead, i fitted every single month until finally it slipped on. The joy…

It has a falling neckline, has short puffy sleeves, is body hugging and with a tail like fall at the bottom. Such a magnificent flow! I used a slim orange belt on the dress and wore nude high heels. Good thing with a nude color is that it easily picks and blends in with many other colors. For accessories i used pearl drop earrings and necklace. Quite delicate and suitable for the classy dress, together with a black leather watch and bracelet. Avoid over accessorizing.

The dress is suitable for official/ casual occasions. It’s quite versatile. Just remember to have heels on.



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Of jeans and high top canvas

Sneakers are not my every day cup of tea but once in a while i rock them. Being in office most of the week doesn’t help the situation hence i take advantage of the weekends. It’s a good choice for an out of town drive, barbecue with friends or for just running around. They are really comfortable and a break from the usual high heels.

The shoes are high top white Carrera which are the first kind of pair in my closet. I wore them with blue jeans which have a slim fit. Jeans can be tucked in or cover the top of the shoes. The top is casual and fancy with a bright yellow or pink, quite playful. It has a pattern at the front. I do not like the usual t-shirts mostly for promotions , that we put on with jeans. A girl has got to look good even if it’s while running errands.

The white on the rim of the sunnies picks up the white on the shoes really well. I put on coloured studs for earrings. I find studs less feminine and in line with the casual ‘boyish’ look. Coloured bracelets would do just fine. The white ceramic watch gives a pop on the accessories.

I would avoid a handbag or a clutch with this look because they are too feminine and instead go for a sling or a pouch bag.

Chilled out!



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Animal Print Valentines

Did you know that men account for 73% of the flowers sales done on Valentine’s Day?  That roses are flowers of love, the favorite flower of Venus the Roman goddess of love (red roses of course)? The bud stands for strong romantic feelings.

Having noted that, I do not like being in a red outfit on this day. I find it to be too cliché. Though that doesn’t mean I cannot be in one classy one. This Valentine’s I will be attending my friend’s wedding (Congrats Monie and Munene). I will be in a long animal print dress which has a silky touch which is just a masterpiece.

It is a one shoulder dress with frills on the shoulder piece. The neckline has a shallow V which shows minimal cleavage. It is figure hugging up to the mid hip then flows down to the floor in a sexy way. The dress is already statemental on its own so I avoided competing jewelry. I wore a gold chain on my neck, a silver bracelet and a black ceramic watch. The Earrings are shiny gold and royal blue which is catchy to the eye. The box clutch bag is a black and gold Aldo. The shoe is a black strappy suede Aldo, really classy. You cannot get away with a bad shoe with this kind of a dress.

Let’s dance for the bride, shall we?



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Of girls and ties

Who said ties are only meant for men? When I look around me, the men are not having their ties on. So I take it up on me to do it. It’s such a nice masculine feeling, well, despite the fact that I do not know how to tie a tie and have to seek help.

I love trying different looks and this gives me the uniqueness. The shirt has pink feminine touch and as usual, I like pulling the sleeves up a bit to make it look a bit fancy. The navy blue skirt is knee length with a frill at the front. Combining frills (feminine) and tie (masculine) is quite interesting.

The color of the tie, a block of red and black is the same as that on the shoe so they harmonize. A polite red colored bag comes in handy. My geek glasses give the whole look a serious business effect and overall the look is of a career or business woman.

Seeing that the outfit is already overwhelming, I kept the earrings simple by doing red studs. The watch on my wrist is leather Titan which is ‘quiet’.

Let’s do business!


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We all have those days when you don’t feel like dressing up and will open your wardrobe and stare blankly hoping to pull out anything wearable and go on with your day but hey, that doesn’t give you a reason to dress shabbily. In fact, there is no reason for not looking good despite where you are going even if staying at home. Thursdays for some reason give me that kind of feeling.

To handle such a situation, we all need that dress that requires minimal effort and creativity. You just pair with black or brown heels and you are off looking fine. This brown dress hugs my body comfortably and doesn’t need more glamming up. The dark block on the sides of the dress gives an illusion of a smaller waistline. Such a design would come in handy for a person with a not very defined waistline and to make it even more defined, a body shaper (spanx) does the trick. Woolworths stock good ones.

The length is just above the knee and perfect for office. I love the brown shade which is laid back and not flashy hence suits the mood of not feeling like dressing up. I put on a slim brown belt that is not too identical to the entire outfit therefore breaking the flow of the design. It just looks good. For shoes, do black or brown. The earrings are brown beads which blend in well with the color of my hair. The watch is simply Titan leather. I felt the bag would spice things up a bit given that its two block colors rhyme with that on the dress.

It is as simple as it can get and with minimal effort, I am ready for office!

_DSC8785 (1)

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