The Boss Lady!

Classy, bossy and sexy.

How you feel in what you wear shows a lot on the outside. What you wear as well contributes to how you feel on the inside. Makes sense? This particular outfit has a hot kind of feel.

I’m rocking my anytime denim pants that are well-fitting and comfortable. Nothing looks as bad as jeans that don’t fit. I love the pants because I can wear them for two days consecutively, Friday and Saturday without having to wash. It is not an everyday wash as that can make the color run out fast.

The folding at the hem gives it an edge though it draws the attention to the shoe and so the shoe has to be on point. Pencil denim pants and high heels make up a sexy look. On this case I did a nude heel which I wear so often, it must be complaining. Realistically, ladies have so many pairs of shoes but end up wearing two or three. Any lady feeling me on this?

A white shirt is a wardrobe must have. I paired the denim pants with it and did a knot to give it a playful look which is low enough to cover the tummy. If you are doing a night out look and have a flat tummy, the knot can go higher and you get to show some skin. I folded up the sleeves giving it an even more casual and fancy look.

For accessories, I toned down the screaming hairdo with a set of small pink studs and a chain. However, the white ceramic watch made the whole outfit look classy. The outfit is perfect for a weekend wear, a barbecue kind of party with friends or just a casual event.

The sunglasses summarize it all.



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Leafy Green

Sunny day, green grass, January is here!

The green dress below has a toned down texture of a maize leaf and the pattern is just like it. However, it is not as rough. I love Maxi dresses, actually I love all lengths of dresses depending on which occasion am dressing up for. I can do as long as it can get and as short as it can climb up. I wear maxi dresses on Sundays when going to church, at weddings, family occasions, and African dowry occasions what we call in our land ‘ruracio’ and such events. The maxis look decent enough in the presence of the older generation.

I got this dress from a stall in Jamia mall and is one of my favorite long pieces. It fits well on the upper body with a v-neck that does not plunge too deep. Though a sleeveless, the shoulders are well covered thus showing minimal skin.

The bottom is an A-line and flows freely from the upper waist down to the floor making it very comfortable to walk in. It has polyester lining hence not clingy to the body.

I paired it with simple white flat shoes given that the dress length gives a ‘tall’ impression and no need for heels (plus they are very comfortable). The earrings are brown beads which matched my hair. Also, I have a golden small watch and a golden bracelet with a pretty green ring on my finger.



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A dash of hot pink…

Official suits are meant to be black, grey or navy blue; and full not broken, but hey, we can bend the rule a bit, can’t we? It is one of those outfits I can attend a serious meeting in and still stylishly stand out.

The navy blue skirt conforms to the official standards and the length is just slightly above the knee with a small slit at the front that really helps me make my big strides seeing that I prefer bigger strides, less steps and minimal walking time (chuckles).

The grey coat has a good rough texture and is seriously official. I find it having a bigger fitting and its length is to the hip hence to balance it I did a fitting short skirt. One of the fashion rules is to have a balance. If one is loose, the other should not be.

The purple lining in the coat somehow gives me a hint on the kind of top to wear, hence the sleeveless hot pink top with a frill detail at the front. The top has been in my wardrobe for so long without finding its perfect match until now.

To tone down on the hot pink, I put on small light pink studs for earrings and normal simple black shoes rounded off with my every day slim leather Titan watch.

So official!


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